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2019-10-28 · 1 min readMy experiences from hosting my first ever hackathon, from 0-10!

My first hackathon I have ever organized was AngelHacks! Angelhacks is a 12 hour hackathon that happened at Snap HQ! It was a large hackathon (120 people) for mostly beginners! It provided a fun mentoring enviorment, while still keeping it competitive with prizes like Airpods, and a tour of SpaceX on the line.

At the hackathon, I did a lot of things from securing sponsors to helping with logistics, but officialy, I was the Director Of Tech. I taught a workshop, Intro to Programming, which taught the basics and data types. I also made a CTF at the event to teach the new programmers pentesting, and to look at things at a different angle.

Overall I loved organizing AngelHacks not only for the people that that I met and the joy of getting companies interesting in sponsoring us, but I made many friends made connections with the otehr organizers, became closer, and made new friends!

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