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2020-03-31 · 2 min readMy take on COVID19 and how it'll progress.

The first thought when I heard of COVID19, was, "Its in China, it can't affect me. Just like all the other stuff that happens around the world, nothing bad would ever happen to me." But then my isolation was broken.

As a student in California, we were one of the first states to be hit. At first with 1 case, turning into 2, then 4, it rapidly grew. Soon school districts started to close, and at our school, they mandated washing of hands and took many precautionary measures. The actual repercussions of the disease were started to be seen. With 1 death in or county, I began to become very concerned.

Thinking about it, the most rational way to fight the disease is to isolate each other (as seen in China), so that no other people get contaminated, and let it die out. This, though logical, is very hard to enforce in real life due to 2 reasons

  1. First, people do not like being isolated. This is because humans are social animals, and love attention and interaction. It is very hard to go from meeting people every day, to just not seeing anyone. Thought, I think this may become less of a problem as time goes on, because people have become more dependent on electronic devices for social interactions, allowing for this to happen easily
  2. The second reason it would be hard to enforce, is that the spread of the virus can still be spread when people walk throughout the streets for a walk, or talking to neighbors. In my area, people haven't been taking it super seriously, and ended up increasing the amount infected in our county up to 142 and rising.
  3. Overall, its a very scary experience, but fun because I now get extra time to work on many of my side projects and have a ton of fun on the way!

    A cool thing I made is which allows you to view realtime COVID19 statistics!

UPDATE: The corona tracker is offline because I can only host 1 thing on my Heroku dyno at a time, and ended up hosting instead because of activity
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