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CoviDB 4 Kids

2021-01-31 · 1 min readMy story on how I helped TeachAids in developing CoviDB 4 Kids, a COVID-19 (a new coronavirus) educational resource database for kids!Over the past few months the TeachAids team and I been developing a way for children to learn about covid19 easily and have a lot of fun while doing it! The end result was CoviDB 4 Kids. While interning at TeachAids, a team was put together to develop a way to solve the problem that new information was mainly being targeted towards adults, while children were kept in the dark. After brainstorming a few ways to go about it, we settled on a website where kids of all ages could easily watch curated videos on the topic.After months of development and input from our fabulous designer, the end product was done! Built with Next.js, Theme UI, and Rebass, CoviDB 4 Kids uses a kid friendly UI to teach kids from 3-12 about covid19! It was really fun, and an amazing project to work on, and I got to learn so much about how to think about user experience, as well as developing a website professionally. I just wanted to take a second to say a big thank you to everyone I worked with there, as its always been fun to work with them and talk with them on our calls!
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