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End of 2020

2021-01-03 · 3 min readReflecting on 2020, and setting up new goals for 2021!Altogether, 2020 has been a decent year for me. Even with the pandemic cancelling some of my programs and internships, I managed to have tons of fun interning at TeachAids, and organizing Summer of Making. Even with online school, I managed to find time to work on tons of side projects that were really fun! The year has been loads of fun, where I ended up learning a whole lot more about Artificial Intelligence, while also managing to get most of my activities online, like debate, hack club, and boy scouts. I also seem to sleep a lot more, which might just be because before I couldn't sleep because of school.The main downside to all of this though, is the lack of human interaction and intrinsic exercise usually gained through day to day school. Ever since I was born, I never really was in control of my physical activity. It was almost always just P.E in school and playing with my friends. Along with that basic exercise, I always walked from class to class, which made sure I got in the basic amount of exercise necessary. In reverse to all of that, throughout 2020 I've had to keep track of physical exercise and try my best to remain in a healthy range. For social interaction, online chats and rooms became the norm in opposed to actually talking face to face. I'm still not too sure on which I prefer, because I like both equally, but its always comforting to be able to talk to your peers during class to ask questions. Looking back, I think I've had tons of fun in 2020 and plan to have much more in 2021, whether that means making more cool projects, or talking with friends. Personally I think I've grown a lot from working on larger projects with multiple people, and organizing programs. If there's one take away from 2020 I hope my future self remembers, it would have to be that there's always a flip side to things. If something bad is happening, there's almost always good that can be taken from it (and the inverse). The fact that I was able to do stuff while the world was in a pandemic, burning, facing a time of change, and panicking, is a huge win for me.For my new years resolution, I want to try writing in this notebook every weekend, be it big or small, so I can have a virtual copy of whats going on in my brain. Writing this may also help me remember what I've done in the future, because I have a terrrrribblllee memory, and can barely remember what happened a few days ago.A few other goals
  • Get another internship (maybe at LLNL since they cancelled this year because of the pandemic Owo)
  • Have tons of fun
  • ✅ Work on my science fair project
  • Study for the SAT (aghgaghaghaghahga its coming uppp)
  • Be more involved in hack club and school
  • Continue weekly meetings to teach, even with my classes
  • ✅ Beat the Radiance in Hollow Knight
PS: I beat Sans in Undertale this year.... so theres that to be proud of
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