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End Of School Reflection

2021-06-10 · 2 min readWhat are some things I could do better, things I liked, and my plans for summer!YAY, The school year is over! Online school was quite interesting, especially with my first AP tests, as well as managing to organize myself efficiently. Mainly my qualms with online school is only the "non-socialness" of it all, but I love the freedom it provides with learning, and the ability to review anything you need, without having to search for it. It definitely blurs the line between school and homework a lot, in addition to almost constant screen time (night shift 24/7 ganggg). I don't really feel the stress of taking 3 AP classes, but they all made finals season a lot harder with almost constant studying (hopefully I did well).Looking back I think there are quite a few ways I could improve this year, but most of all I think that my main problem was staying concentrated. In a world full of distractions, being forced to be online 24/7 is fun, but also takes a lot from your productivity. I've tried to combat this in multiple ways, from just decluttering my digital space, to chucking my phone away. Either way, hopefully next year with in person school this won't be a problem. Another thing I want to do better with is taking more opportunities. I sometimes reject some because I don't have enough time, but almost always regret it, so this year i hope to accept more of them.Now in the summer I have quite a few things going on, from a large scale data science internship, to taking 61A at Berkeley. My goals for over the summer would be just to create cool programming projects, hopefully something related to AI and circuits! Also I want to try posting bi-weekly (2 times a week) in my notebook for fun!I'll just list out my achievements this school year for fun, and so I don't forget:
  • 1st place Conrad Challenge, and Diversity Award
  • 3rd place CCC Science Fair
  • Good of Humanity Award DV Research Paper Competition
  • GATSVI Qualifier
  • Organizer for Angelhacks & DVHacks
  • All A's second semester, and both semesters for only AP's
  • Broke at Western JV Nationals
  • Qualified to NSDA National Debate Tournament (record TBD)
  • TeachAids Internship, and created CoviDB for Kids (2.4k+ hits)
  • USACO Silver (just tried it out of the blue, may study for it next year)
  • Hosted our Hack Club online with 30+ members and had fun
  • Learned Rust (been on my bucket list for so long, it has to make it lol)
  • Contributed a significant change to a large github repo, the Github CLI
  • Helped with Summer of Making, and Scrapbook for HackClub!
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