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Hack Merced

2020-03-31 · 1 min readMy first collegiate hackathon!

Going to Hack Merced was an amazing experience! The main reason is because it was my first ever college hackathon. This was a huuuge difference from high school hackathons, where the objective is to learn and win, here, most of the people would just try to connect and have fun! It was a great change of scene.

Here I got to prototype on of my ideas, Ghym, which is a decentralized network for cloud computing. You can read more on the devpost, but I ended up winning first place in the moonshot category, and the best use of MongoDB! That was amazing, because MongoDB is my favorite production database (Airtable doesn't count). Some other cool things that happened, was that I got possible offer to have an internship at LANLL this summer, which is amazing! Overall an amazing experience, and I hope to go there next year again!

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