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Hack University

2020-04-07 · 1 min readHack University! A great way to learn/teach during quarantine!

What is open source? Defined by, it's a variety of things, including the ability to access the entirety of it. So far, we have made many movements to make software, and other materials open source, but imagine if we could make education open source. A place where subjects can be taught to students regardless of classes, school, and age. Where teachers can teach excited students from all over the world, each one specially learning a specific area that they love.

Today, I deployed something I've wanted for a long time. Ever since I was young, I wanted to learn. Whether it being quantum mechanics, or programming. There is always a point at which, it would be amazing to have a real teacher to help and guide you with the abundant online material.

This is the main reason I created Hack University, a way for teachers to open source their syllabus and classes during COVID19! Along with that, the idea that Hack Club, had, which was a way in which students can teach each other amazing things during the COVID19 quarantine! I really hope this utility will be used by people, because its truly the exact tool I've been looking for, and I hope I can build the community I've always wanted with it, a group of avid learners, with classes to match.

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