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2023-07-08 · 2 min readI went to my first 🐀 camp (rationality is so very cool)So..... I finally did it. I attended a rat camp and it was, well, amazing!I actually haven't attended many summer camps before, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I think the main difference from my usual studying to the camp was the focus on math. The way I started out programming & getting into the world was always a "move fast break things" attitude that always suited me well. For math though, this approach didn't work at all. You can't necessarily "move fast" when you're dealing with number or set theory, and I'm not even sure what "break things" would mean in this metaphor.Lets start by listing out the things that I absolutely loved at the camp:
  • Going on hour long hikes in the middle of a forest
  • Hacking away at a side project while having an endless (literally) supply of fresh bakes cookies
  • Teaching Next.js and react at midnight and struggling to wrangle issues
  • Playing Amongus in real life and writing website automations for the game in 30 minutes
  • Critiquing random economic, public health, and social models (without end)
  • Going on a trek to see cows (and finding a frog, naming it Bob, and lamenting when he ran away)
  • Learning the optimal way to pair people up for optimal speed dating efficiency (also set theory on the side)
I can't really think about anything I necessarily didn't like about the camp, though I definitely think I could have been more productive in working on some of my side projects. Every time I go to these events I'm always amazed by one thing, and its the people. They always influence me in huge ways, and this time is no different. Just having people around me to nerd out about AI, or go on crazy hikes with.==== Heres a quick writeup I did post eventreflection 
  • making friends, i also think kairos was a huge introduction to set theory and how to be more confident about math problems. economics from first principles, haskell, and set theory (ALSO BIOOOO, something something contagious vaccines)
  • i didn’t expect to learn too much in terms of job skills, but meant to make friends. i think this worked and was a great intro and works out. i completed a decent 1v1 with everyone and finished my goals
  • moral philosophy contexts, how to approach stats problems/quant, 
  1. ross follow up what exactly quant
  2. elika ask about bio safety journals
  3. ellen ask about nim
  4. write ty notes to everyone
  5. nina 1v1
  6. insta post mb?
  7. curry howard correspondence
  8. i want to get better at set theory and number theory and read GEB and read decision theory
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