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2022-12-18 · 1 min readUpdating my website for the first time in 4 years!Just updated my website for the first time in a longgggg time (4 years to be exact!)Its great how much SEO I've built up on the old one, but I think its long overdue for a fresh coat of paint (and description), so here it goes...My motto while building this was "make it simple, but surprisingly complex... WIDGETSSS"I updated basically everything but here are the features I'm most proud about:- A spotify widget to the bottom left (exposing all my songs)- A location widget that receives a city & weather update every 4am from my phone- A notebook widget to check up on my posts (had to add an rss feed for this)- Lastly a github widget to see my last commit- I had to finagle a good way to get static & dynamic widgets working because fetching my large RSS feed was taking too long (I eventually settled on fixing it on my notebook side, but I hope Next13 will be compatible with emotion ui soon...)I'd like to add a couple more widgets in the future (maybe something that interacts with something in my room? DM or email me if you have any ideas) but I'll get to that after college appsGetting to make something that wasn't super complex after being (very slightly) "burnt-out" due to college apps was super fun.
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