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npm - My First Package!

2019-10-28 · 1 min readThe first ever JS package I created on npm!

Today, while on the usual grind of looking for people/company emails, I realized I should make a simple webscraper. I realized that I was too lazy to make a UI and a server, but wanted to make a barebones way.

I got on the grind, and made my first npm package, ScrapeMail! This is pretty simple, as it takes in a url, and goes to every page on it, and collects all emails, and outputs them to console!

Turns out, its REALLY easy to make one! I just made an export and created a file in /bin and linked it all up in the package.json, and BAM I had a global npm package! I really reccomend that you make one, as it helps everyone (even if people dont use it) and its really satisfying!

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