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Science Fair

2020-03-31 · 1 min readThis years science fair project!

This year was really great for the CCCSEF! I ended up winning 1st place and qualified for the statewide science fair, which was cancelled due to the corona virus. This year, I ended up doing a cool science fair project, which definitely helped be learn a ton more about AI. The project was, "(Crack dat-Quake) Using Neural Networks for Preliminary Determination of Earthquakes", where I gathered tons of data, and tested different neural networks to try and predict earthquakes!

This was amazing because in the science fair project I learned about cool architectures, like LSTM's, and regressive models, opposing to the CNN's and classification networks I was used to. This inspired me to write a website about my past science fairs, where you can find all my cool projects!

Overall, the different thing about the 2020 science fair was that it was conducted through a phone interview, which is a lot harder. This is usually because when you do a irl interview, you can observe the person, and how they react to what you say, and change it. For the phone interview, I just kept talking, and hopefully I thought they would understand. For example, if they make a confused face about neural networks, I spend 30 seconds explaining them, and not going into specifics. Overall, it was a lot harder and I hope for 2021 I manage to qualify for ISEF!

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