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Starting at CoviDB & TeachAids

2020-06-30 · 1 min readA fun internship where I'm working on many cool things, and learning about new technologies!

 A few weeks ago, I got accepted into an internship program for TeachAids! So far, its been an amazing experience where I get to work with many people and develop my skills! I've leared so much since I've started, from editing videos (with premiere!), to learning how to use the twitter and google drive API's ( the latter sucks :\ ). Its also one of the things that I've been wanting to do for a long time, because I usually develop projects solo, and I want to get the feel of working as a team to create a finished product!

 So far, I'm planning on doing a full time summer internship, and to check out the things I'm working on, look at CoviDB, a great way to research on covid-19, the speaker series, and stay tuned for Story Wall, a great way for people to share their concussion stories!

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