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TARDIS - The Conrad Challenge

2021-05-08 · 1 min readA cool new side project, and my experience submitting it to Conrad Challenge and winning!Have you ever been unfocused at home, or feel depressed? With the pandemic, millions have faced many hardships with their life spiraling out of control. To combat these problems, we developed TARDIS, a neurotech headset that's able to let you take control of your life by monitoring your state of mind using AI and help you stay focused. We allow you to detect what state of mind you're in and gather statistics about your brain, and choose to nudge your mind into another state, like being focused or help with depression. You can learn more about it at the website, and check out the white paper or pitch deck on there!This year a couple of friends and I founded TARDIS, and applied to the Conrad Challenge, an international innovation competition. Over the past months, we've won the competition, getting first place internationally as well as a diversity award, and made it to the Conrad Summit, where we were able to speak with investors, listen to talks from our peers, and hear feedback from judges! It was an amazing experience, where we got to speak to so many people, and I learned so much more about business than I ever thought I would know!The summit was a great experience, where I was able to connect with high schoolers and mentors from all around the world and receive feedback on our product and marketing. I can't wait to take this forward in the next few months, trying to secure funding and designing our MVP!
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