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2020-06-09 · 1 min readA fast, easy way to organize and share code templates.After working with Go for a while, I decided to hunker down and write a production level CLI for fun. Lo and behold came templater. Templater is a really cool CLI for storing, loading, and creating code templates. Its as easy as
plate create name
and then you have created a template! Then with simple GitHub OAuth, you can upload the template easily, and view it on the website at or just download it through the CLI. The best part is that when uploading, it saves the file structure and, so that you can check out some basics of what it is before you download it. Another thing I tried to do with this project is proper git etiquette (PR's, Versions, Badges, Unit Tests etc.) and it turned out pretty great, where I learned a bit about shields, and how to configure GitHub actions. Check out the GitHub at and be sure to leave a star! Also, please try out the CLI easily with
  1. go get
  2. go install
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